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Capacity: 618 MSCFD 17.5 e3m3/day
Overall Height: 279″ 7.09 m
Stack Length: 242″ 6.15 m
Stack Top Diameter: 57.00″ 1.45 m
Inlet Size & Type: 3″ 150# Flange
Stack Volume: 299 ft.3 8.48 m.3
Notes: 1) Actual gas capacity will depend on the type of gas burned and available pressure, consult TCI.

The TCI-3000 is an environmentally friendly alternative to flaring. Combustion efficiency is 99.8% resulting in no smoke, no odor, and no visible flame during normal operations. This is a preferred method when operating in sensitive areas such as near residents. TCI products are also robust, simple to use and require very little maintenance.

Standard Features

  • 304 stainless steel stack, ¬†long term life.
  • 99.8% CCE, clean combustion.
  • Electronic flame failure ignition system, reliable ignition.
  • Venturi aspirated burners, good premixing of waste gas and air
  • Natural draft, no blower needed.


  • Dual inlet
  • Manual ignition, in lieu of electronic flame failure ignition system
  • Solar power for ignition system
  • Waste gas inlet flame arrestor
  • Automated burner control
  • Extended stack
  • Stack temperature monitoring
  • Alternate inlet size or type

All data presented herein is believed to be accurate at time of publication. We reserve the right to modify or change, without prior notice, any specification, statement, or information contained herein. Any specification, statement, or information used to determine product suitability must be confirmed with TCI, in writing, at time of purchase.

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